How Much Does Social MediaMarketing Cost in 2018?

Quite often we get to hear the same question time and time again from the numerous individuals and organizations i.e‘How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost’. We all know that investing in social media is indeed a smart move. In the last couples of years, the number of users at the key social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblretc have increased exponentially. That’s what makes social media an intriguing medium to dramatically increase the traffic on the business website and maximize the sales.


Not every organization or individual has sufficed resources to manage the business presence on all the major social media platforms on their own. That’s where the role of social media marketing agency come into existence. To get the clear picture of social media marketing packages cost, we first have to understand what social media marketing services actually encapsulates and how it can propel your business growth.

Social Media Marketing Services


  1. Content Creation – We don’t need to speak much about the significance of brand-centric content in marketing. This is the basic and foremost service which every social media marketing agency will render.
  2. Audience Growth – Without the notable number of followers, there is no point of posting dazzling content on the social media platforms. Social media marketing company will grow your audience base and make sure maximum numbers of followers are seeing your post. Some of the agencies offer this service separately. Keep check of the follower growth service in the package.
  3. Social Media Advertising – Ultimately it all comes down to the advertising. An engaging and message-driven advertisement is bound to pull the hung chunk of users on your online business profile every day. Remember, advertising cover up a large part of the social media marketing pricing packages

These services sum up the outright social media marketing services. Now let’s talk about the social media marketing package cost structure.

Social Media Marketing Cost

Everyone is aware of the fact that signing up is free on the social media platforms. It may be daunting for some individual to find out how much they should pay to the social media marketing agencies to advertise their business. Each company has its own unique social media marketing services packages cost structure.

If you are going for the renowned social media marketing agencies then it is will cost you big for sure. Although the results will be jaw-dropping but it can mess your limited budget.

One economically viable way is to hire the freelancers or small agencies. They will provide you the supreme quality work at a much lower cost. You can check out the profiles of top rated freelancers at various prominent freelancing platforms and can hire the one best fitting your requirements. Most of the freelancers and agencies have a plethora of reviews on their profile or website. You can get the precise measure of their reputation by looking at the number of positive reviews.

If you are still unsure about your social media strategy, going for small marketing agency is the best option. They will not only give you budget-friendly and efficacious service but also produce the astonishing results.

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